120133 Tork Advanced Centerfeed Hand Towel

USD $64.99

120133 Tork Advanced Centerfeed Hand Towel

USD $64.99

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Tork Advanced Centerfeed Hand Towels offer one-at-a-time service while reducing waste. Largest available roll at 1000′ for highest capacity. High capacity to reduce labor and refills while enhancing the perception of your facility. High capacity versatile solution for professional environments where both hand and surface wiping is required. Ideal for many environments such as workshops and kitchens.

  • High quality and high absorbency, means fewer towels used and enhanced patron experience.
  • Hygienic – Touch only the dispensing towel and reduce cross contamination.
  • Made from 100% recycled fiber and minimum guaranteed 40% PC content, providing environmental benefits and a positive image builder.
  • ECOLOGO® Certified, EPA Compliant, and Compostable Verified by Independent Verification for reduced environmental impact.


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